How can I Start Investing in Shares?

How can I Start Investing in Shares? There are 3 ways in which one can buy shares: 1. IPO Here, a company releases a fixed number of shares into the market for a limited amount of time for people to buy. This allows people to place their bids and buy shares directly...

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What is a Share?

What is a Share? Every business organization needs money (capital) for functioning. Funds are required to increase the business capacity, keep it running and expand the business over a period of time. Companies can raise funds in two ways:  Debt and Utilization of...

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Who is a broker? How to choose a good broker?

When dealing in the share market, you need to go via a broker. A broker is an entity that helps you buy and sell shares in the stock market. Why a broker? The government and SEBI have made brokers a compulsory part of all transactions in the stock market....

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How much money should I start with?

When investing in the stock market, one can start off with an amount as low as Rs 500. But there are certain companies that offer shares at rates starting from Rs 20. So, if you buy one share for Rs 20, you can start with off with it. Deciding the amount...

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How much money can be made and when?

How much money can be made and when? There are two very common misconceptions when it comes to stock market investments. People feel they can quickly make a lot of money and lose it very quickly as well. Both of these views are extreme and not entirely true. It’s true...

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